A love marriage in Indonesia ended horrifically just 12 days later after the groom discovered that his ‘wife’ is actually a man.

The 26-year-old groom, identified as AK from Naringgul, Java, met his ‘match’ Adinda Kanza, also 26, via Instagram and dated for a year, reported Indonesian news outlet Detiknews.

The couple tied the knot in a simple ceremony with Adinda claiming she had no family members who could join the celebration. The couple didn’t officially register their marriage certificate.

However, just 12 days later, AK’s suspicions arose after Adinda refused to be in touch with her family and kept wearing a niqab even at home.

Adinda also refused to be intimate with her husband, citing her menstrual cycle and not feeling well.

This triggered AK to investigate, and he managed to track Adinda’s supposed family address, where he discovered Adinda was not an orphan as she had previously claimed; her parents are well and alive.

To add salt to the wound, AK was informed by Adinda’s parents that his wife is actually their son, identified as ESH, who has been cross-dressing since 2020.

ESH’s parents were unaware of their new son-in-law and the relationship AK had with ESH.

After ESH’s web of lies was exposed, police arrested him, and he admitted to marrying AK with the intention of stealing his family’s wealth.

Police officers were quoted as saying that ESH had a very high-pitched voice akin to a woman and even looked like a woman when wearing make-up.

ESH is expected to be charged with fraud and could face four years in prison.

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