Summary has passed an independent security audit conducted by Securitum. The audit included a web application penetration test and a source code audit. No significant vulnerabilities were identified during testing, and the 2 low-risk issues that were found have been fixed.

Full report:

    • @Raisin8659OP
      19 months ago
      1. Some people have suggested using your own domain with addy’s service. If the service goes under, you can switch to another provider.

      2. SimpleLogin is now under ProtonMail. This is probably a more assured service, but putting all your eggs in one place may not be a good idea either.

    • ciferecaNinjo
      19 months ago

      Why do you say that?

      #AnonAddy has a killer feature that no other mail forwarder has: you give it your PGP public key and it will encrypt every msg to you, thus ensuring that your ESP does not see the contents.

      I also like how ops are securely reachable at their protonmail address. The competition is an embarassment in this regard. When there was a security issue with, there was no secure way to reach the operator. I would have had to submit to twitter or some other tech giant, naked without encryption.