This is a long-lived post intended to serve as a general guide and coordination point, for people interested in building communities on! (Context)

We’re posting this in order be linked on the sidebar. But very happy to discuss / take input and questions while it’s on the frontpage!

Essentials / tl;dr

  • Create away!: You’re welcome to build communities of all kinds here (small exceptions below). They don’t have to be Malaysia-specific!
  • (Temporary) Please rate limit your posts: Please post at most 3-4 items per day on a single topic. This is a short-term measure; see below for full details.

Purpose and context

  • Our shared goals: Community mods and the admin team have the same goal: we want our communities to sustain and grow!
  • Our roles: The admin team’s main role is to create opportunities for users to visit and give us a try. But we need communities’ help to convince them to create an account and stick around!
  • Need for coordination: Users will only stick around if the whole experience is compelling: Sticky and unique content, good discussions, a rich default frontage. Achieving this requires coordination between our roles.

Community policies

Disallowed communities

  • Communities for sharing NSFW image content (text content is fine): Policy

Temporary posting limits

  • The problem: The Lemmy frontage algorithm is currently buggy: it is not good at blending content from different communities.
    • If you post multiple things at once, they appear as a solid block on the feed.
    • If you post a lot of content on one topic, this floods the frontage and drowns out our other content.
  • What this means: The above makes the frontage worse for everyone and hurts our site’s growth.
    • Your posts will be downvoted: Users hate a frontage full of posts with zero comments + all on a single topic!
  • Temporary measures: Until this is fixed: Please try to limit activity to 3-4 posts per day on a single topic (and space these out across the day if possible).
    • This will be fixed soon: There’s active work happening on this. Reddit’s algo doesn’t do this, so we’re confident that this is solvable.
    • We will reach out and remove posts if needed to maintain the diversity of the overall frontage.
  • Sorry: This is definitely not ideal. We want you to be able to post as much as you want too! :(

Growth Protips

  • Keep an eye on metrics: You want users to participate in what you’re building. Engagement drives growth, and growth drives more engagement. What kinds of posts receive the most comments and upvotes?
  • Start with fewer rules: In most cases, it’s better to create rules as they prove necessary. Having fewer rules encourages more participation! And when you add them, your users will understand why.

Coming soon™

  • Higher-quality metrics
  • Community Discord
  • Process for promoting a community on r/Malaysia
  • Expanded community-building guide
  • @ruk_n_rul
    111 months ago

    We are receiving outside (i.e. non-Malaysian) traffic lately. It led to a couple instances of friction, one within the instance, and another between instances.

    I think the instance and community sidebars should make it clear that here Malaysian topic is first. It’s the argument that led to us having 2 politics communities, even. Even I have started using my adfix for a history community I made to be extra clear.