Please use this post to share suggestions and feedback on everything to do with Constructive criticism is super welcome!

If you’re seeing this on the frontpage: FYI the purpose of this is to be a long-term suggestion box on the sidebar. But in the short term we’d love your input as to how you’re finding so far!

  • @dcxOPMA
    6 months ago

    Interesting take! Hmmm I’m not confident that we’re ready to try moving everyone over in bulk yet. I am hearing a lot of noise from less technical users. And I’m finding Lemmy really is still quite rough around the edges. Especially around end user polish, federation to main subs, etc. My concern is that if we force things, we could lose 80% of the userbase in the transition. But love to hear other thoughts.

    Have assembled a post specifically for us to think through our future direction – currently pinned!