• @SheenTStars
    610 months ago

    I talked to my SIL yesterday to hear her side of the story. I still don’t trust ANYONE’s side of the story. I’ll stay out of their bickering shit. Yes it’s annoying when they involve my name in their arguments, but as long as I have my mental health under control, I’m going to ignore what I can. I don’t know why this morning I just feel “Whatever” even though I’ve been so anxious and worried for the past few days because of them. This is the kind of mood that I want, the idgaf mood, no effect on my mental health, and I can do stuff normally. Maybe because I’ve realized that even my SIL still uses taqiyyah here and there in order to bring me “kembali ke pangkal jalan”. So now I don’t care anymore if she fights with my mom. Sure, my mom is the JustNoMIL, but I’m not gonna help my SIL either if she doesn’t respect my choice.