For me, in terms of look. Just decent is a swipe.

My absolute no: blurry, heavily edited pictures

My relative no :

too many active sports photos. One gym photo. And then rock climbing photos and then hiking photos. Yeah no. I’m too tired for all that. I go to gym too but just one photo is enough?

Clubbing photos. Just not my kind of fun. Too loud. Not my kind of music. and I’m too shy to dance in public.

  • TarliaM
    1 year ago

    Wow, this is harder to answer than I thought.

    Yes to relatively normal, well-taken photos showing the person in a range of activities/places/moods. They are only showing their personality and interests, after all.

    No to:

    • only group photos
    • no photos of the person at all, just items or abstract pics
    • 3-5 of the same front camera, looking-down-at-phone photo
    • photos that seem outdated, especially if it’s of an older man with one child (classic scammer)
    • holding a fish
  • jellodiMA
    1 year ago

    My yes: I think this is pretty standard

    • a decent photo that shows your full face,
    • a full body,
    • a group photo, and
    • a photo that shows some sort of hobby.

    My nos:

    • all photos are of selfies only
    • toilet selfies
    • indoor sunglasses selfies
    • photo with just one other girl as if like a couple

    But mostly, I prefer bios. I would swipe right to a full bio and only one photo, but I will not swipe if you have tons of photo and an empty bio.

  • @blubblubblub
    11 year ago

    my yes:

    1. a decent photo (with an appearance that i like haha)
    2. personal photos (just of yourself showing your interest in life)
    3. comprehensive bios! this can compensate for bad photos haha

    my nos:

    1. no profile photo (eg just meme photo)
    2. only group photos without one of yourself
    3. gym photos (this is a very personal dislike)
    4. sunglasses selfies/mirror selfies
    5. no bio (shows to me that he’s not very 100% in looking for a steady partner - which is what im usually looking for)

    honestly, i only swipe right if i feel i can match my lifestyle with his