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If you’re seeing this on the frontpage: FYI the purpose of this is to be a long-term suggestion box on the sidebar. But in the short term we’d love your input as to how you’re finding so far!

  • @dcxOPMA
    6 months ago

    Hmm just to share an idea while briefly visiting. What do you think of having one thread per day for sharing “today I ate’s”?

    • That way it won’t take up a ton of posts on the frontpage if everyone starts doing it
    • Plus it’s more cosy, I saw feedback elsewhere that it felt weird making a whole post for random lunches. I kinda agree, it might be fun for people to share their everyday casual meals (not the fancy cooking / restaurant stuff), but it feels a bit intense to post that to the frontpage
    • And there’s this minigame aspect of like, whose lunch/dinner “won” the most votes today which is quite fun
    • Plus it’s much easier to build a little habit of scrolling through everyone else’s food shares and commenting socially, if it’s all within a single post. Like “lunch gang”, keeping track of diets, etc
    • Hmm also might build a nice separation between casual low-stakes food posts, and all the other kinds of food posts

    Just sharing the idea btw, super welcome to not do this. Annnd I’m out, still in crunch. (More time this weekend)

    Edit: Oh and thanks so much for setting up the sub!!